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  • Police Control Room - 0471-2333100
  • High Court of Kerala - 0484-2393901, 0484-2393902, 0484-2393903, 0484-2393904, 0484-2393905, 0484-2393906
  • Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram - 0471-2336576
  • Vanitha Commission - 0471-2307589, 0471-2302590
  • DGP (Director General of Police) - 0471-2721547
  • Home Minister (Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan) - 0471-2333254, 0471-2333294
  • Chief Minister (Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan) - 0471-2333682, 0471-2332148
  • Operation Kubera - 0471-2300303, 9447777100
  • It works since 24 years through telephone as dial for everything service.
  • Information at your fingertips,it is brought to you by FINGERTIPS INFORMATION CENTRE, Trivandrum
Style Plus, Thiruvananthapuram, India  change location
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Landmark:---- Not Reported ----
Office Numbers:0471-2727374
Mobile Numbers:9747000090 (Customer Care)
Fax Numbers:---- Not Reported ----
Residence Numbers:---- Not Reported ----
Toll Free / Customer Help:---- Not Reported ----
After Office Hours Contact:9747000090 (Customer Care)
Working Hours / Days:10am to 9pm
Holiday Details:No Holiday
Contact Person:Mr. Sukesh / MD
Lifestyle Shopping Centre in Trivandrum
Tags :
Air Furniture DealerAir Mattress DealerAir Pillows DealerAllen Solly Junior Readymades DealerArtdinex Cutlery Items DealerArtefacts DealerArtificial Flower DealerArtificial Indoor Plants DealerArtificial JewelleryArtificial Plants DealerAudio Cd DealerBaby Accessories DealerBaby Accessories Imported DealerBaby Car Seats DealerBaby Carriers DealerBaby Cosmetics DealerBaby Pram DealerBaby Pram Imported DealerBaby Products DealerBabywearBackground Music MakingBags DealerBarbie Toys DealerBathroom Mats DealerBed Cover DealerBed Cover Imported DealerBed Linen DealerBed Sheet DealerBed Spreads DealerBelts DealerBlack Metal Gifts DealerBohemia Crystal Glass DealerBorosil Crystal Glass Item DealerBrass Gift Items DealerBriefcase DealerButterfly Gas Stove DealerButterfly Pressure Cooker DealerCaps DealerCarpets DealerCarpets Plastic DealerCasserole Container DealerCd Audio DealerCd DealerCello Glass Item DealerCello Hot Pot DealerChakson Home Appliance DealerChakson Pressure Cooker DealerChakson Rice Cooker DealerChakson Thermal Cooker DealerCitizen Watch DealerClock DealerConfectionery DealerCooking Range DealerCosmetics DealerCradles DealerCreatives Toys DealerCrockery DealerCrockeryware DealerCrystal D Arques Glassware DealerCrystal Glass Item DealerCrystalware DealerCussons Baby Products DealerCutlery Items DealerDesigner Bed Cover DealerDesigner Bed Sheets DealerDesigner Footwear DealerDiamond Crystal Glass Item DealerDiamond Jewellery DealerDisney Toys DealerDoor Mats DealerDry Flower DealerElectronic Accessories DealerElectronic Components DealerElectronic Equipments DealerElectronic Goods DealerElectronics ShopEntrance Mats DealerEssential Glass Item DealerFaber Cooking Range DealerFaber Gas Hobs DealerFaber Kitchen Accessories DealerFastrack Watch DealerFisher Price Toys DealerFloor Carpet Plastic DealerFloor Mats DealerFootwear DealerFountain Gifts DealerFragrances DealerFunskool Toys DealerGarments ShopGas Hobs DealerGas Stove DealerGeepas Home Appliance DealerGift Items DealerGlass Gift Articles DealerGlassware DealerGreeting Cards DealerHawkins Non Stick Cookware DealerHawkins Pressure Cooker DealerHello Baby Baby Products DealerHercules Glass Item DealerHobs All Type DealerHot Pot All Types DealerHot Wheels Toys DealerHuggies Baby Products DealerImitation JewelleryInfant Dresses DealerJars DealerJohnson And Johnson Baby Products DealerKanchan Non Stick Cookware DealerKanchan Pressure Cooker DealerKidswear DealerKishco Cutlery Items DealerKitchen Accessories Chimney And HobsKitchen Accessories DealerKitchen Articles DealerKitchen Mats DealerKitchenware DealerLa Cuzini Cutlery Item DealerLamps Gift DealerLander Baby Products DealerLeather Accessories DealerLeather Bags DealerLeather Belts DealerLeather Footwear DealerLeather Garments DealerLeather Goods DealerLeather Jackets DealerLeather Products DealerLeather Wallet DealerLeo Toys DealerLg Mat DealerLuggage DealerLuminare Crystal Glass Item DealerMake Up Articles DealerMats DealerMaxim Glass Item DealerMilton Glass Item DealerMilton Hot Pot DealerMiss Mary Pressure Cooker DealerMother Touch Cradle DealerNapoli Crystal Glass Item DealerNataraj Cradle DealerNew Born Baby Accessories DealerNew Born Baby Accessories Imported DealerNirali Non Stick Cookware DealerNon Stick Cookware DealerOffice Stationery DealerOk Play Toys DealerOptima Cutlery Item DealerPadmini Gas Stove DealerPaintings DealerPampers Baby Products DealerPanasonic Gas Stove DealerPearlpet Jar DealerPerfumes DealerPigeon Gas Stove DealerPlanet Fashion Readymades DealerPlastic Carpets DealerPlastic Floor Carpet DealerPlastic Kitchen Articles DealerPolystone Gifts DealerPoster DealerPremier Non Stick Cookware DealerPremier Pressure Cooker DealerPresentation Articles DealerPressure Cooker DealerPrestige Gas Stove DealerPrestige Hobs DealerPrestige Kitchenware DealerPrestige Non Stick Cookware DealerPrestige Pressure Cooker DealerPyrex Crystal Glass Item DealerRcr Crystal Glass Item DealerReadymade Baby Items DealerRice Cooker DealerRubber Mats DealerSchool Bag DealerSchool Stationery DealerShoes DealerShow Pieces DealerSim Cards DealerSlippers Flip Flops Thongs Footwear DealerSnuggy Baby Products DealerSoft Love Baby Products DealerSoft Toy DealerSolitaire Crystal Glass Item DealerSpaces Bed Sheet DealerSpaces Mat DealerSreeram Rice Cooker DealerStainless Steel Cookware DealerStair Mats DealerStationery DealerStatues Gifts DealerSteel Cookware DealerSteel Kitchen Articles DealerStep Mats DealerSuitcase DealerSun Glasses DealerSunblaze Gas Stove DealerTelephone Instrument DealerTextiles ShopTie DealerTimepieces DealerTiny Care Baby Products DealerToilet Mats DealerTop Floor Mats DealerToys Camera DealerToys DealerTravelling Goods DealerTreo Crystal Glass Item DealerWallet DealerWatch DealerWestar Watch DealerWipro Baby Products DealerYera Crystal Glass Item DealerYera Glassware DealerYera Jar Dealer

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