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  • Police Control Room - 0471-2333100
  • High Court of Kerala - 0484-2393901, 0484-2393902, 0484-2393903, 0484-2393904, 0484-2393905, 0484-2393906
  • Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram - 0471-2336576
  • Vanitha Commission - 0471-2307589, 0471-2302590
  • DGP (Director General of Police) - 0471-2721547
  • Home Minister (Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan) - 0471-2333254, 0471-2333294
  • Chief Minister (Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan) - 0471-2333682, 0471-2332148
  • Operation Kubera - 0471-2300303, 9447777100
  • It works since 24 years through telephone as dial for everything service.
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Angel Electronics, Thiruvananthapuram, India  change location
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Landmark:OPP TTC
Office Numbers:0471-2310223, 0471-2555044, 9846128411 (Digital Camera)
Mobile Numbers:9388310224 (Kowdiar) 9387803987 (Pattom)
Fax Numbers:---- Not Reported ----
Residence Numbers:---- Not Reported ----
Toll Free / Customer Help:---- Not Reported ----
After Office Hours Contact:9388310224
Website Url:---- Not Reported ----
Working Hours / Days:24 Hours
Holiday Details:No Holiday on Mobile
Contact Person:Mr. Gilbert / Proprietor
Home Appliance Service, Electronic Equipment Service, JVC, Clarion (Car Audios), Geepas - Authorised Service Centre
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ServiceAkai Dvd Player Spare PartsAkai Home Appliance ServiceAkai Home Appliance Spare PartsAkai Home Theatre ServiceAkai Home Theatre Spare PartsAkai Lcd Led Plasma Tv ServiceAkai Lcd Led Plasma Tv Spare PartsAkai Mp3 Player ServiceAkai Mp3 Player Spare PartsAkai Music System ServiceAkai Music System Spare PartsAkai Oven Microwave ServiceAkai Oven Microwave Spare PartsAkai Refrigerator ServiceAkai Refrigerator Spare PartsAkai Tape Recorder ServiceAkai Tape Recorder Spare PartsAkai Tv Television ServiceAkai Tv Television Spare PartsAkai Washing Machine ServiceAkai Washing Machine Spare PartsAlpine Car Accessories ServiceAlpine Car Accessories Service AuthorisedAlpine Car Accessories Spare PartsAlpine Car Audio System ServiceAlpine Car Audio System Service AuthorisedAlpine Car Audio System Spare PartsAudio System ServiceAudio System Spare PartsAutomobile Ac Air Conditioner FixingAutomobile Ac Air Conditioner InstallationAutomobile Ac Air Conditioner MaintenanceAutomobile Ac Air Conditioner ServiceAutomobile Ac Air Conditioner Spare PartsBoston Car Audio System ServiceBoston Car Audio System Service AuthorisedBoston Car Audio System Spare PartsBoston Car Dvd Player ServiceBoston Car Dvd Player Service AuthorisedBoston Car Dvd Player Spare PartsBpl Audio System ServiceBpl Audio System Spare PartsBpl Dvd Player ServiceBpl Dvd Player Spare PartsBpl Emergency Lamp ServiceBpl Emergency Lamp Spare PartsBpl Home Appliance ServiceBpl Home Appliance Spare PartsBpl Home Theatre ServiceBpl Home Theatre Spare PartsBpl Lcd Led Plasma Tv ServiceBpl Lcd Led Plasma Tv Spare PartsBpl Mixie Mixer Grinder ServiceBpl Mixie Mixer Grinder Spare PartsBpl Music System ServiceBpl Music System Spare PartsBpl Oven Microwave ServiceBpl Oven Microwave Spare PartsBpl Refrigerator ServiceBpl Refrigerator Spare PartsBpl Telephone Instrument ServiceBpl Telephone Instrument Spare PartsBpl Tv Television ServiceBpl Tv Television Spare PartsBpl Washing Machine ServiceBpl Washing Machine Spare 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Multimedia Player ServiceDaewoo Multimedia Player Spare PartsDaewoo Oven Microwave ServiceDaewoo Oven Microwave Spare PartsDaewoo Refrigerator ServiceDaewoo Refrigerator Spare PartsDaewoo Tv Television ServiceDaewoo Tv Television Spare PartsDaewoo Washing Machine ServiceDaewoo Washing Machine Spare PartsDigital Camera ServiceDigital Camera Spare PartsDish Washer ServiceDish Washer Spare PartsDv Cam Dvd Camcorder ServiceDv Cam Dvd Camcorder Spare PartsDvd Player ServiceDvd Player Spare PartsElectrolux Ac Air Conditioner ServiceElectrolux Ac Air Conditioner Spare PartsElectrolux Home Appliance ServiceElectrolux Home Appliance Spare PartsElectrolux Mp3 Player ServiceElectrolux Mp3 Player Spare PartsElectrolux Oven Microwave ServiceElectrolux Oven Microwave Spare PartsElectrolux Refrigerator ServiceElectrolux Refrigerator Spare PartsElectrolux Tv Television ServiceElectrolux Tv Television Spare PartsElectrolux Washing Machine ServiceElectrolux Washing Machine Spare PartsElectronic Equipments ServiceElectronic Equipments Spare PartsElectronic Goods ServiceElectronic Goods Spare PartsGeepas Dvd Player ServiceGeepas Dvd Player Service AuthorisedGeepas Dvd Player Spare PartsGeepas Home Appliance ServiceGeepas Home Appliance Service AuthorisedGeepas Home Appliance Spare PartsGeepas Home Theatre ServiceGeepas Home Theatre Service AuthorisedGeepas Home Theatre Spare PartsGeepas Mixie Mixer Grinder ServiceGeepas Mixie Mixer Grinder Service AuthorisedGeepas Mixie Mixer Grinder Spare PartsGeepas Oven Microwave ServiceGeepas Oven Microwave Service AuthorisedGeepas Oven Microwave Spare PartsGeepas Refrigerator ServiceGeepas Refrigerator Service AuthorisedGeepas Refrigerator Spare PartsGeepas Tv Television ServiceGeepas Tv Television Service AuthorisedGeepas Tv Television Spare PartsGeepas Washing Machine ServiceGeepas Washing Machine Service AuthorisedGeepas Washing Machine Spare PartsGodrej Ac Air Conditioner ServiceGodrej Ac Air Conditioner Spare PartsGodrej Dvd Player ServiceGodrej Dvd Player Spare PartsGodrej Home Appliance ServiceGodrej Home Appliance Spare PartsGodrej Lcd Led Plasma Tv ServiceGodrej Lcd Led Plasma Tv Spare PartsGodrej Oven Microwave ServiceGodrej Oven Microwave Spare PartsGodrej Refrigerator ServiceGodrej Refrigerator Spare PartsGodrej Tv Television ServiceGodrej Tv Television Spare PartsGodrej Washing Machine ServiceGodrej Washing Machine Spare PartsGoldstar Home Appliance ServiceGoldstar Home Appliance Spare PartsGoldstar Oven Microwave ServiceGoldstar Oven Microwave Spare PartsGrinder ServiceGrinder Spare PartsHaier Ac Air Conditioner ServiceHaier Ac Air Conditioner Spare PartsHaier Dvd Player ServiceHaier Dvd Player Spare PartsHaier Home Appliance ServiceHaier Home Appliance Spare PartsHaier Home Theatre ServiceHaier Home Theatre Spare PartsHaier Lcd Led Plasma Tv ServiceHaier Lcd Led Plasma Tv Spare PartsHaier Mp3 Player ServiceHaier Mp3 Player Spare PartsHaier Oven Microwave ServiceHaier Oven Microwave Spare PartsHaier Refrigerator ServiceHaier Refrigerator Spare PartsHaier Tv Television ServiceHaier Tv Television Spare PartsHaier Washing Machine ServiceHaier Washing Machine Spare PartsHandycam ServiceHandycam Spare PartsHitachi Ac Air Conditioner ServiceHitachi Ac Air Conditioner Spare PartsHitachi Audio System ServiceHitachi Audio System Spare PartsHitachi Dv Cam Dvd Camcorder ServiceHitachi Dv Cam Dvd Camcorder Spare PartsHitachi Dvd Player ServiceHitachi Dvd Player Spare PartsHitachi Electric Grinder ServiceHitachi Electric Grinder Spare PartsHitachi Handycam ServiceHitachi Handycam Spare PartsHitachi Home Appliance ServiceHitachi Home Appliance Spare PartsHitachi Home Theatre ServiceHitachi Home Theatre Spare PartsHitachi Lcd Led Plasma Tv ServiceHitachi Lcd Led Plasma Tv Spare PartsHitachi Mp3 Player ServiceHitachi Mp3 Player Spare PartsHitachi Multimedia Player ServiceHitachi Multimedia Player Spare PartsHitachi Oven Microwave ServiceHitachi Oven Microwave Spare PartsHitachi Refrigerator 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ServiceSamsung Tv Television Spare PartsSamsung Washing Machine ServiceSamsung Washing Machine Spare PartsSansui Ac Air Conditioner ServiceSansui Ac Air Conditioner Spare PartsSansui Audio System ServiceSansui Audio System Spare PartsSansui Car Audio System ServiceSansui Car Audio System Spare PartsSansui Car Dvd Player ServiceSansui Car Dvd Player Spare PartsSansui Dvd Player ServiceSansui Dvd Player Spare PartsSansui Home Appliance ServiceSansui Home Appliance Spare PartsSansui Home Theatre ServiceSansui Home Theatre Spare PartsSansui Lcd Led Plasma Tv ServiceSansui Lcd Led Plasma Tv Spare PartsSansui Mp3 Player ServiceSansui Mp3 Player Spare PartsSansui Multimedia Player ServiceSansui Multimedia Player Spare PartsSansui Music System ServiceSansui Music System Spare PartsSansui Oven Microwave ServiceSansui Oven Microwave Spare PartsSansui Refrigerator ServiceSansui Refrigerator Spare PartsSansui Tv Television ServiceSansui Tv Television Spare PartsSansui Washing Machine ServiceSansui 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Tv Spare PartsVideocon Mp3 Player ServiceVideocon Mp3 Player Spare PartsVideocon Music System ServiceVideocon Music System Spare PartsVideocon Oven Microwave ServiceVideocon Oven Microwave Spare PartsVideocon Refrigerator ServiceVideocon Refrigerator Spare PartsVideocon Tv Television ServiceVideocon Tv Television Spare PartsVideocon Washing Machine ServiceVideocon Washing Machine Spare PartsVinverth Car Audio System ServiceVinverth Car Audio System Spare PartsVinverth Dvd Player ServiceVinverth Dvd Player Spare PartsVinverth Home Appliance ServiceVinverth Home Appliance Spare PartsVinverth Home Theatre ServiceVinverth Home Theatre Spare PartsVinverth Lcd Led Plasma Tv ServiceVinverth Lcd Led Plasma Tv Spare PartsWashing Machine ServiceWashing Machine Spare PartsWestern Ac Air Conditioner ServiceWestern Ac Air Conditioner Service AuthorisedWestern Ac Air Conditioner Spare PartsWestern Car Audio System ServiceWestern Car Audio System Spare PartsWestern Home Appliance ServiceWestern Home Appliance Spare PartsWestern Refrigerator ServiceWestern Refrigerator Spare PartsWestern Tv Television ServiceWestern Tv Television Spare PartsWet Grinder ServiceYamaha Musical Instrument ServiceYamaha Musical Instrument Service AuthorisedYamaha Musical Instrument Spare Parts

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